«Contemporaneo e' colui che riceve in pieno viso il fascio di tenebra

che proviene dal suo tempo»

- G. Agamben


What interest you the most in photography ? Most of all I think the relationship between photography and time. in particular the unique capacity that only photography have to fold space into time and vice versa. This is what attract me the most of photography, and of course. the inevitable relation between time and being.


Bambola di Rosie - Giclée print, 60x60cm

Bambola di Rosie - Giclée print, 60x60cm

Bambola di Rosie II - Giclée print, 60x70cm

Bambola di Scarlet - Giclée print, 50x70cm

Bambola Gloria - Giclée print, 70x50cm

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